The Rookie


Niche, it’s that comfort zone slash happy place that we feel so homey at. It could be a specific place, venue or even a career that were so passionate about; just like mine.

“Fashion is my Niche”; this four word statement are what I hold on to a lifelong dream, cheesy as it may sound, but it’s true and chasing ones dream is never been easy for anyone specially if your profession is way too far from what your dream is. And when I said far, I really mean far, graduating and passing the board exam as Nurse, I've been working my ass off as medical professional and everyone expects me to do best of what they think I’m destined to be good at. Little a lot people know, Nursing is not everything for me, though I love my profession but there’s more to this tall and often timid shy-looking nurse than meets the eye.

Fashion for me is that happy place and a career I feel confident that I’m good at. Yes I’m an amateur, a novice, a rookie, a fashion outsider/ wannabe; I may not have the fancy clothes from the coolest well known brands, the famous fashion posies, or not even graduated from a sot after fashion school but all of these won’t stop me. I bet anyone of us have that dream that we wanted so bad that were willing to take chance and gamble at any price possible. And for this guy, this is what I’m destined to do and I won’t get tired taking risk and chances even if I have to break down plans A to Z to get what I want.

Chasing one’s dream is nothing if you’re only dreaming. For that dream, we need to work hard for it, to chase for it, to try every way possible to get it and for me this is what I’m going to do. I assure that this rookie won’t stay long as a fashion outsider/ wannabe for I’m going to be somebody living that lifelong fashion dream.


  1. Again, everyone starts on being a novice. You will eventually grow, believe me! :)

    1. yeeee. thanks for the kind words Sef :) It meas a lot