Going Grunge


Pronunciation: (grunj), [key]
n. Slang. 
1. dirt; filth; rubbish
2.a style or fashion derived from a movement in rock music: in fashion characterized by unkempt clothing and in music by aggressive, nihilistic songs

Most of the time we often see this kind of style during Summer Music festivals or during concerts but Grunge is what we often see now as a trend in street fashion too. I rarely do this kind of style , I'm more of the laid back preppy type of guy but I think it comes with age that you want to spice up your look so I decided to do a this shoot attempting to be a little edgy and bring out that rocker side of me. 

Hype this at Lookbook: I wanna see you be Brave

I'm such an arm party fan. To break the all black look I injected a punch of neon in my accesories; Pink Skull bracelet (thrifted), Yellow Braided bracelet (thrifted, Greenhills), Small Camagong bracelet with Love plate ; Antler (https://www.facebook.com/AntlerAccessories), Black and white bracelet (Friend's Gift)

I can only count in my fingers the times I use this boots, I only wear this in  "fashion" occasions I go to. This shoes are so dope yet comfy to wear, I regret not using it as much as I should so I think I'll wear it more often now. Combat Boots; Sole Service (https://www.facebook.com/soleservice)

The moment I saw this Tank Top in a bazaar, I immediately fell in love and bought it. As I mentioned in my past blog posts I have this weird fetish over Skulls. Tank Top; Striptees (https://www.facebook.com/thestriptees)

Shout Out to a very good friend of mine who I'm with doing this Fun Shoot at BGC, Michi. It is nice to have a friend who you can share your passion for fashion with and inspire you to blog. Please check her Fabulous Blog at http://www.hautemenot.blogspot.com/