All night long of Sunday til today, it's been raining all over Luzon and early last night, all class suspensions are already announced. It's just earlier today that suspensions of work for Government Employees have been declared. Most of the people woke up in floods and in devastated situations in different part of the City. I wish everyone is safe in their own house today.
To maximize another day-off at work, I decided to clean up some stuffs in my closet and declutterize some knick knacks including my accesories. I noticed how much I have been a fan lately of SKULL accesories. Some people get bothered seeing me wearing these kind of pieces but some folks also find it cool to have a little edginess in my look. Here are some of them ;

This ring is one of my personal favorites, it is actually a "pasalubong" from my younger sister when she went to Bangkok,Thailand last year. I requested her an accessories as her "pasalubong" for me. I like how big this ring enough to see the details and the blings.

Hell Yeah! I Love Neons. The 2 Skull neon bracelet are separate pieces from the 2 braided neon bracelets, I just like putting them together to ampf up the neon-ness of the piece. Believe it or not, each piece are just below 100 pesos, talking about a real steal ha! 

Arm Party? Here's a cute piece to add up to that. Bought this from a thrift shop, who says scoring a nice accessory needs to be from an expensive store!?

Yeah I know, some of you are wondering why on Earth do I have a set of earrings. First of all, I think its not everyday you'll see a pair of fab skull earrings like this, so the moment I saw it, I know I have to buy it.Secondly, and most importantly, I didn't use it as an earrings People, I tried to use it as an accessory to the collar of one of my button downs to put some fasyown in my look.

Well it wont be bad to put some edge and grungy-ness in our looks right?

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