#PhFW Spring Summer 2014 Day 3: Part 1 Stay Curious

It’s Fashionable Friday ,Day 3 for Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014. Every Fashion week, I made sure I can score invites for designer’s shows but this season I’m more eager and driven to cover all shows for I love Summer and having a preview for what’s going to be Summer 2014 trends looks like is definitely something I wouldn't dare to miss. 

In every Show schedule, regular guests with invites are expected to be in line 1 hour before the door opens if you want to get a good seat. On the other hand a VIP guest gets in easy anyway, so they don’t have to worry about queue.  I’m no VIP so I went to MOA early today, almost 2 hours before the show, I was too early so I walked inside the mall and saw the Lee Fashion Show in the Main Atrium is about to start so I took some photos before going to SMX.

I don’t want to be mellow dramatic but these photos I took reminded me the first time I watched Fashion Week show (It’s a Bench Show) here at the Atrium way back in May 2010. Back then I was one of the random Mall goers standing outside the line, far from the runway and a bit hard to see what’s walking down the catwalk. I told myself; “One day I’ll be inside that line, seating near the runway” “I will make a way to be part of that industry and before I know it’s either I’m walking in that runway or I’m watching close to that runway”. True to that, after few years, I made myself get in that line, I maybe still struggling to be part of the fashion industry, I maybe not have walk yet the Runway but atleast now I get to seat near the Runway and watch incredible designers show for Philippine Fashion Week.

Dreams do come true, but you have to work hard for it. As long as you have a strong will and determined to achieve your goal, working hard for your dream will just be a piece of cake. 

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