LIZ UY, a name almost synonymous to the word Fashion. She is Philippine's most in demand stylist to A-List celebrities and high-ranked personalities, an endorser, an It-Girl and now an author? Yeah you read it right. Her name marries the word Style as she launches her 1st book "styLized: Liz Uy's Ten Style Essentials". Liz shares a decade of her fashion expertise in this book as she give 10 fashion must haves every woman must own and teaches how to mix it up to fit in every occasion.

I am a one proud, self confessed Liz Uy Fan ever since I can remember and when I said fan, I mean a Huge Fan. I love every styling jobs she have done, from editorials to campaigns to events, dressing up famous celebrities and personalities. But more than my admiration to her amazing works, I am more inspired from her story and her fashion journey putting her to where she is at right now. Most people thought that everything in Ms. Liz's career came easy but they're wrong. I am fascinated by the fact that she graduated from a non-fashion course and It was her Passion for Fashion, Hard work and impeccable taste and undeniable love for clothes pushed her to pursue her fashion dreams.

So, enough of the Fan Boy talk lets put the spotlight to the book,"styLized" is a style bible every Pinay must have. And from the moment it landed at National Bookstore last January 23, 2014 its been sold like pan cakes, I even tried to buy it the next day but it was sold out already. I have to wait on the the day of the Book Signing last January 25, 2014 to get my hand on a copy of  this book. And I must say, Its worth waiting.

Book Signing: January 25, 2014 3pm onwards

Liz was overwhelmed on how the event turned out and couldn't believe how much support poured in, in her Book Signing, she even said that she's a bit teary eyed from happiness she felt. A Q and A portion kicked off the event where Press people and some Fans asked her questions and she was so game answering all of it.

She shared that it was her brother Vince who influenced her in fashion ever since they were young, from reading magazines to believing in her and encouraging her to work for top fashion glossies in the country. 

The highlight of the event is the Book Signing, where fans like me get the chance to have a copy of the book signed by Liz and get to talk to her even for a few seconds. That's a chance I didn't dare to miss. I was starstrucked seeing her few inches from me, I even remember telling her that I was shaking and she asked me "why?" and I told her that because I am a Fan of her. And a photo op is the icing on the cake. #FanBoyMode


Here's a SNEAK PEEK to what's inside the book;


Both the Muses and Liz spiced up each of the 10 style essentials to fit in different occasions. Other Facts and Fashion Trivias related to each chapter fills in each pages of the book. 

Be sure to grab a copy of Liz Uy's book for only 395 pesos. Experience to be styled by Liz by just owning a copy of "
styLized: Liz Uy's Ten Style Essentials"

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  1. Awesome writing and photography. Loved your take on the event.

    XX, Michi