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babe (plural babes)
  1. Darling (term of endearment).
    Hey, babe, how's about you and me getting together?

This term of endearment seemed to be one of the most used term in the list of all pet names lovers give to their partners, I'm personally guilty of over using this term in my past relationship or to those "almost" relationships I thought I had. Hahahahahaha! We all have our fair share of experiences in "almost" relationships; its that kind of mutual understanding , courting stage or We're More than Friends but Not Lovers yet we Act Like Lovers type of relationships that didn't workout. I'm way over and done with my last "almost" relationship and its safe to say that I've Moved On and kept Moving Forward from that, well, my last "Babe" is soooooo last year anyway. However Moving On is such an understatement, y'all have to agree with me that its easier to say it than to do it, its a process and overcoming the pain and reaching to complete acceptance is a long road , we all have our different kinds of coping mechanism on how to deal with it. But once you reach complete acceptance that its finally over, it feels so liberating and it gives you a fresh start facing life as a one Fierce Single Man/Woman. Let me Share to you my Top 10 I've Moved On Songs.

Top 10 I've Moved on Songs

1. Invisible - Jennifer Hudson

2. Wide Awake - Katy Perry

3. Too Many Fish - Karmin

4. Young, Single and Sexy- Rita Ora

5. Irreplaceable - Beyonce

6. Thank You For The Broken Heart - J.Rice

7. Brand New Me - Alicia Keys

8. Go On Girl - Ne-Yo

9. I'm Not Missing You - Stacie Orrico

10. Stronger -  Kelly Clarkson

More BTS on my V-Day Shoot:

I fancy this LongWing I bought from SM Milanos, I opted to buy a color I'm not use to wearing and to spice up and to give my look more a mature take without sacrificing stylishness.

More emote! Hahahahahahaah

Here's a big shout out to my Forever Fab Blogger Friend and Colleague, Michi, she  inspired me to do this blog and she's behind the camera who took most of pictures seen here in my blog.
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