Love Hate Love

It’s Valentine’s Day once again.

Love is in the Air…..  
                             …..and I don’t care! Hahahahaha!

Bitter or Better?

It’s the time of the year again where all kinds of cheesyness from roses to chocolates to everything sweet you could ever think of and even P.D.A is just all over the place, let’s give the lovers/the happily in love ones the free pass, they have the license to do that (only just today). But who says V-day is only for the Lovers, we Singles can celebrate it too or atleast try to survive it, it is just 24 hours anyway. Whether you are planning to go-out tonight with your fellow Single Posse or spend a ME Day to rejoice your Singlehood don’t forget to look your best. Valentine’s Day is fun, the word Love is not limited only for its romantic kind, we share Love everyday in different kinds and forms. To share my Love for everyone, I made this post. 

I tried to make my outfit post more editorial-ish, I know it's kinda amateurishly done but I tried my best. I would love to hear how you guys think about it, whether you love it or you hate it?  

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  1. Love this post, especially the post processing. Happy Vday! aka Single-Blessedness day! :D

    Xx, Michi