PhFW S/S 2014 Menswear: Jinggo Inoncillo and Jeffrey Rogrador

STREET TRIBE: Street Fashion meets Tribal in Jinggo Inoncillo Spring Summer 2014 collection. Monochromatic sweaters , sweat pants, tops and trousers accentuated with aztec  prints gave street fashion a refreshingly edgy look.

DARK FLORALS: Florals screams summer but this Dark Floral printed trousers gave this trendy print a more edgy-er attitude. 

MEGGINGS: Men + Leggings= Meggings = LOVE. hihihihi

This fashion trend received an equal amount of hypes and bash eversince it came out but nevertheless I LOVE IT. Even in fashion shows abroad, Meggings is widely used in different well known brands such as Givenchy. The moment I saw this look walked down the runway, I knew that I badly need to own a meggings in my wardrobe. I just adore how the meggings in this look perfectly spiced up the whole ensemble. 

OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN: Sleek and Fresh Utilitarian inspired collection in textures of black and shades of gray marched in Jeffrey Rogrador Spring Summer 2014. Jeffrey showcased his take on vintage military uniform giving it a fashion forward look. I personally fancy the whole collection, I am a fan of the whole utilitarian look with black to black pieces. Gray pieces gave the powerful look a more subtle taste. Moreover, I am gushing over the blue accent applique in some of the pieces, giving a tinge of summer vibe. 

COMMANDING THE RUNWAY: I just couldn't get enough of how the whole collection is very put together, powerful and still, appropriate for the season.  

FAVE PIECE: I love the whole collection but if I would be asked to pick a fave, it has to be the last look in this set of pics. 


  1. Love your Fweek shots! <3

    Xx, Michi

  2. promising collection!! nice photos too :)