Visita Iglesia

In observance of the Lenten Season, we Filipinos being a known Catholic country, we are born with religious practices to show our love to our beloved Jesus Christ as we reflect on his sacrifice and giving the greatest gift of love to all of us.

For the past 2 years, I made a personal tradition during the Holy Week most specially during Maundy Thursday. Me and a friend take part in the Alay Lakad to Antipolo every year since 2012. However, this year, due to some circumstances  we are not able to participate on it but this lead for me to make a new tradition. I opted to go on a solo flight, trying for the first time what I've always wanted to do... to go on a Visita Iglesia. Visita Iglesia is a religious visitation of 7 churches in one day. I made my visitation as also a walk back to my personal journey as I visited 7 churches that is close to my heart.

1.San Felipe Neri Parish - Mandaluyong

2.Our Lady of Abandoned (Sta.Ana Church) - Manila

3. San Fernando De Dilao Parish - Paco, Manila

4. St. Andrew the Apostle Parish - Makati

5. Our Lady of Nuestra De Gracia Church- Makati

6. National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Makati

7. San Roque Parish - Mandaluyong

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