Annyeong Hasseyo Korea DAY 1: Myeong-dong

ANNYEONG HASSEYO SOUTH KOREA!!!!!! There's no other way I can think of to start this post than greeting everyone of you.. Annyeong Hasseyo! I'm very very excited to share to you guys my recent trip about more than a month ago with 2 of my dearest friends to the beautiful and breathtakingly soulful country of South Korea. This trip means a lot to me because this is my first International trip and we chose to visit a country I've always been fascinated of and I wanted to visit. 
It was Thursday afternoon when we landed in Incheon and went straight to our Hotel in Itaewon to settle our stuffs in our room. Our time of arrival in Seoul was just perfect because we got to squeeze in a visit to Myeong-dong on our first night there.

 is one of the famous Shopping Areas at Seoul; from Korea’s Local Fashion Brands to International Famous fashion lines they almost have it all here.What you don’t want to miss in visiting Myeong-dong is its Night Market. 

“Korea is a Cosmetics Heaven” as most cosmetic addicts and most people would say, this may sound a little overrated for some but based on what I saw in Myeong-dong, I just couldn’t agree more to that statement. Evident to that are stores after stores after stores of a wide range selection of cosmetic lines and products after another are all over its busy street.

Tteok-galbi Meatballs - made from galbi or short ribs.

If you want to have a taste of Authentic Korean Street Foods, I believe there will be no other place like the streets of Myeong-dong for that. It’s a feast for the eyes and most definitely for your taste buds to experience food tripping Korean style at Myeong-dong. As you walk through its streets during night market it would be hard not to notice Food stalls serving yummy Korean foods of its different kinds in every stops and corners.

Personally, before going to Seoul, one of my goals is to experience munching Korean street foods on the streets just like what I saw in some Koreanovelas, and when I get to do it there at Myeong-dong, I am truly satisfied.

For foodies like me and my friends, we most definitely didn’t miss to sunk our teeth and indulge in to different Korean Street foods, you just can’t have enough of this mouthwatering dishes there

Tteokbokki (stir frie rice cake)

Myeong-dong shopping district is more alive at night as more Fashion savvy Koreans and foreigners enjoys shopping and walking on streets filled with fashion finds and must haves.

Did I  mentioned "you can't have enough korean dishes in Myeong-dong"!? well, It turned out after chowing down korean street foods, our stomach still have room for dinner. So, we checked out a little dine out place and had more authentic korean dishes for supper. 



  1. ganda ng buhok mo ah! haha sobrang maayos :D
    yung comment mo sa blog ko, parang gusto mo dagdagan yung write up hahahahah lalim eh haha :D thank you for always dropping by ^_^ ♥

    Michael Macalos

    1. Hahahaha Thanks Michael
      nkakainspire magcomment s mga magagandang post e. Stay awesome :)

  2. yummy!! kakagutom..hehe, hopefully me and my fam can visit korea as well!

    1. hihihi, aq rin nagutom tuloy bigla hahaha.
      anyways, yeeee you should definitely visit Korea.. awesome country :)