KOREA Day 2: Everland

100 hectares of fun filled rides and attractions and breath-taking sceneries, I am taking you to South Korea's largest amusement park: EVERLAND RESORT. This famous themed park is 45 mins bus ride Southeast of Seoul, known for its heart pounding rides, enchanting gardens, zoo and water park.

We braved the heavy rain and biting cold temperature of our Day 2 to visit Everland. I wore layers of pieces for my top to survive the cold winds and wore something fun,hip and most importantly.. comfy for my bottoms and shoes.

As much as we want to go Elsa Mode and say "the Cold never bother us anyway", we can't... for it was a freezingly cold rainy day at Everland.
However, Thanks to this portable heater posts scattered all around the amusement park you can warm up yourself a bit.

T for THRILL: For thrill seekers, Everland have the perfect taste of extreme for you guys. Dare to ride their famous wooden roller coaster.. T EXPRESS. Yah you read it right! a roller coaster made of wood, It is South Korea's first wooden roller coaster and the largest of it's any kind. Moreover, prepare to scream on top of your lungs for it holds the record as the World's Steepest Wooden Roller Coaster

Everland is definitely an amazing place for Kids and kids at heart. We spotted some kids and teens having their field trips during that day. Just like us, the rain didn't stop them in going to this magical place.

Just Divine: During Winter Season, Everland's famous garden turns to this Icy White Winter Wonderland themed garden

It's awesome how on every corner and mini parks within this themed park is just picturesque. Lucky us we even spotted a resting fairy..Nah! that my friend Jays.

It feels like you are inside a fairy tale book in this side of the park, it amazes the kid inside of you.

After our long fun day at Everland and a segway city experience at Gangnam area we had our dinner in a little eatery in Itaewon area where we are staying. We opted to have something authentic and something heavy enough to fuels us up for the rest of the night coz we are not ready to end that day yet. 

After dinner we head back to our place to glam up... It's Friday night in Seoul and It's not just an ordinary one coz It's Seoul's Famous -- "Hongdae Club Day" that time. Curious about it? I'll talk more about it on my coming post so be sure to watch that out.

Chicken Barbecue

Pork Dumplings

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Gray Bonnet with pompom- H&M
Light gray oversize shirt- Topman
Blue Cover up- Thrifted
Gray Oversize Cover up- Thrifted
Acid Washdrop crotch pant- Thrifted
High Socks- Forever 21
High Cut Chuck Taylor Sneakers- Converse

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