Dongdaemun Side Trip

Just when I thought we already had a long day for our Day 3 at Korea, surprisingly our night have just started. The Night was still young that Saturday and we still have energy for a side trip to one of Seoul's famous shopping area... DONGDAEMUN. 

Just right in the Heart of Dongdaemun it would be hard not to miss this futuristic beauty of Dongdaemun Design Plaza. It is a History and Arts Urban development project of Seoul that offers venue and creative platform for events and exhibits.  Designed and Built to perfection, I have nothing but amazement seeing the beauty of DDP. Unfortunately, we were not able to get in and explore the whole establishment because it was already late when we got there, but no regrets, next time I'll visit Korea I'll make sure to check this one out.

Just like Myeongdong (as seen in my previous post) which is a shopping and fashion haven, Dongdaemun is also known for its Night Market but compared to Myeongdong district, Dongdaemun is the place for whole sale , more trendy finds and fashion forward pieces sold on fashion markets inside establishments and malls.

Take note: Dongdaemun Night Market's Shopping Malls and Establishments are CLOSE during SATURDAY.

Yeah It's a little unfortunate that it was Saturday when we tried to explore Dongdaemun but It's ok because we went back the day after and believe me or not, Dongdaemun is so alive on Sunday Nights. All for the love of Shopping, Koreans don't mind staying up late on a Sunday Night huh!

Blooming on the grass hill of DDP are thousands of white LED flowers that would capture the eyes of all the guests of DDP, tourists and passers by around the area.

As far as I know, they light up this floral installation from sundown til 10pm. But if the weather won't also allow they don't light this beauties during rainy nights (just like the time we visited it). This double tap worthy attraction is another reason to put Korea on your Next Country to visit.

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