KOREA Day 4: NAMI Island

Single, In a relationship, It's complicated, Searching for Love, no matter what your relationship status is, you will definitely fall in love to Korea. Here, Love is not only in the air, it is just Everywhere. South Korea so far have to be one of the most romantic place I've been to. Blessed with beautiful God given landscape and sceneries plus a nice cold breezy weather, It has the good formula for a perfect getaway place for romance, right?

Most of us Filipinos are very much familiar on the Romantic side of Korean culture. We all have our fair share of experience on how we were once a fanatic of Korean Dramas and Romantic TV Series. And on our 4th Day on the Korean Soil, Me and my gal pals are bringing you to on of the most visited Tourist Destination in Korea and the Home for one of the Iconic scenes from one of Korea's famous TV Dramas "Endless Love: WINTER SONATA"..... Welcome to NAMI ISLAND

How to get there: From Itaewon (where we are staying at that time), we rode the Seoul Metropolitan Subway heading to Cheongnyangni Station which is our first point to ride the ITX. ITX or Intercity Train Express is Korea's version of a speed train and it travel to areas outside Seoul.  From Cheongnyangni it is almost just an hour to get to Gapyeong Station. On Gapyeong station we hop on a cab to Nami ferry port and from there it is just a 5 min ferry ride to get to Nami Isand.

NAMISEOM/ Nami Island is a Half Moon shaped Island located at Chucheon, South Korea formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944.
(information credit to Wikipedia)


KUMUSTA!! from South Korea

Nami Island's stunning landscape is the perfect back drop to one of Korea's well loved KBS Drama "Winter Sonata". 

 For the whole duration of our trip to Korea, it was a breeze to go around the city with the use of our T-Mobile M Pass.
So what is a T-Mobile M Pass?

According to visitseoul.net:
"The T-Money Mpass is a public transit card specifically designed for international visitors that require the use of public transportation services several times a day. With this card, visitors may ride most subway and train lines up to 20 times per day. By adding money to the T-Money Mpass it can also be used as a T-Money card that can be used to pay for airport bus fares, city bus fares, cab fares and more. The T-Money Mpass is essentially a T-Money card, but with the added convenience of a discounted multiple-use travel card."

Where to get it? As you arrive at the airport you can already inquire about it and buy it at the Information Desk

For more information about the T-Mobile M Pass be sure to check out the link below:

So you think that's all for my photo diary at Nami Island?
Nah ah! we definitely maximize our chance for photo op at this gorgeous place
Be sure to check out my next post for more photos and my #ootd for this part of our trip.

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  1. Nice shots! A bit sharp for my taste, but I like the colors.