Seoul 360: Namsan Tower

Could there any be more better view of Seoul than a 360 degrees overlooking experience of the entire City, from Seoul's Iconic NAMSAN TOWER/ N SEOUL TOWER.

Still part of our Day 3 at Seoul: After our Day trip at Gyeongbokgung Palace we ran to N Seoul Tower and when I mentioned "Ran" what I'm really meaning to say is we were literally "running". We took the train to Myeongdong and the moment we got off Myeongdong Station we walked up few blocks uphill to get to N Seoul Tower's Cable Car Station but the moment we got there the queue is a bit long and we are running after Namsan Tower's Famous Sunset view. So, from the Cable Car Station we walked to the stairs at the side of the mountain which is 1.4 km steep to the Tower. 

Jaw dropping and Breath taking that's how I want to describe the stunning scenery I saw the moment we reached the observatory deck of N Tower. Its No piece of cake in getting to Namsan Tower but the moment you reach the Tower itself, everything is all worth it. 

Marking the highest point in Seoul, this 236.7 m (777 ft.) N Seoul Tower sits at Namsan Mountain.

One of the attractions in N Seoul Tower is its Love Locks (just like the one in Paris).
Many couples came here to lock down their promises of Love to each other.

This part of the N Seoul Tower is the reason why I was excited to visit this tourist spot in Seoul. You don't need a lover to enjoy this place, all kinds of love is very much welcome here. 

Forgive me for this very Tourist pose, I just feel Kilig when I saw this in one of the windows at the observation deck. It's a little reminder how far we are from home at that time... 2,625.7 km.

Aside from Padlocks where lovers put their names on, Couples could also buy this tiles at the area where they can put their pictures and message to each other and have it cemented on the wall.
 There's just so many ways of celebrating love at N Seoul Tower

We had dinner at a restaurant, still at Namsan tower and nothing could beat a freezing cold mountain breeze of Namsan Mountain than a steaming hot bowl of noodles.

I had Bulgogi Jungol or Korean Bulgogi Soup.

Here's what my friends had.

This Spicy Seafood Noodles is just perfect for the cold weather.

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