KOREA Day 5: Hanuk Village

Annyeong Hasseyo KOREA!!! Just how I started my first Korea Photo Diary, I want to greet everyone first "Good Day!" . This is the last installment of my Korea adventure post and I know its been long overdue finishing it, so I apologize Hehehe! Anyways, It was Monday of December 1st 2014 in Korea and just like I mentioned it was our last day there but our flight was scheduled evening of that day so we still got morning til afternoon to experience Seoul.

It was a freezing morning in Seoul because it was the first day of that Winter that the snow fell all over the city. We are lucky enough to experience it, though it was just scattered showers of snow, Winter have officially started in Seoul. We arrived in Korea on the end of Autumn and left Seoul on the first day of winter. So, for that morning we opted to visit a famous tourist site that is just within the city, it is a well preserve gem and a proof of Korea's rich culture and heritage.. HANUK VILLAGE.

Why you should visit Hanuk Village?  Bukchon Hanok Village is a well preserved Korean Traditional Village within Seoul's modern living. It is a small community of alleys that serves as a home for Traditional Cultural Centers and Hanuk Restaurants. Moreover, paying a visit in this tourist site gives visitors an experience of historic residential community and you get to see the impeccable and well made architectures from the past. Moreover, it is so easy to get here so it would be a breeze to squeeze in a side trip here in your itinerary to have a taste of a Korean traditional living.

Here's a TIP;
1.Tourist Information Centers are located few blocks away before you get to Bukchon Hanok Village, 
though its easy to get to the exact spot of Hanuk Village,it would be helpful to stop by and ask for directions in their Tourist Information Centers.

2.Bukchon Hanok Village's alleys are always open to the public but if you are planning to visit its Traditional Cultural Centers, take note that this centers are CLOSE DURING MONDAYS, (Yeah, if we only knew about this, we overlooked the schedule of this traditional centers that's why when we visited Hanok Village, all of it are close)

After Bukchon Hanok Village we ran to Myeongdong to buy souvenirs before heading back to Itaewon to get our stuffs. It was an Amazing 5 Days and 4 Nights of Korea Escapade, I will surely go back to this country. But for now Jal Gah and Kamsahamnida KOREA!!!
(That's Good Bye and Thank you very much in Korea, I hope I said it right)


  1. I have never been to Korea but if there's one thing that I would like to visit, that will be Jeju Island and do "patong patong patong patong clothes." hahaha!

    1. Hahahaha! Yeebah! the weather there was crazy cold. that's why my outfit in some pics were just crazy "patong patong" na rin. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment Sef. :)