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Philippines Top Fashion Glossy PREVIEW MAGAZINE joins the festivities at Manila Fashion Festival Fall/Winter 2015 as they held their very first PREVIEW Style Talks

Fashion Friday: It was an exciting Friday for me and other fashion enthusiasts as we took part in listening to a day full of Fashion Stories,Tips and Advice from Manila's Fashion movers and shakers. Personally, I am a huge fan of Preview Magazine and it was always a dream to be part of their awesome team or atleast to be part one of their events, so attending this kind of activity staged by them is a big thing for me and something definitely I won't dare to miss.And not only this event are all talks but there was also Portfolio Review with the speakers in between Style Talks, isn't that awesome?

8 Speakers, 3 Topics, 2 Portfolio Review sessions, 1 Amazing Magazine
All roads leads to Green Sun
This is my coverage of PREVIEW STYLE TALKS

1st Agenda, HOW I STARTED IN FASHION: 3 of the Hottest Names in their respective fields of expertise in Fashion takes us back to their humble beginnings and walks us through their meaningful journey to success.

1. Owen Sarmiento- One of our country's Most In Demand Make up Artists for Famous celebrities and A-List Personalities.

2. Francis Libiran- World class Fashion Designer for both Local and Hollywood Superstars.

3. BJ Pascual- One of Philippines most accomplished Young Fashion Phtographer and sought after Lens man for Fashion Editorials and Magazine covers, who already shot 300 Magazine covers at a very young age.

At a very young age, Francis already have an extreme interest in Fashion, he shared that he sketches at the back of his notes and sometimes hides in the closet while sketching and that interest grew stronger as years goes by. Though he is an Architect by profession, he finally decided to go for what he is really passionate about- Fashion Design. Moreover, he made use of his background in Architecture in the kind of discipline and process he do in working on his designs. 

For this Young Hottie Photographer, he advised the new generation to Don't Rush to succeed, to take time to learn and improve your skills.

BJ was first discovered through his MULTIPLY account, he and his friends back then have a T-Shirt design business and doing the lookbook for their product is one of his first photography projects. After college, he went to a school abroad to study photography and after that it took him some time to land an editorial job in Preview Magazine. From then on, he became a fave Photographer for Preview Magazine and other glossies. Moreover, he also do other photography works for clothing ads, commercials and billboards.

Advice for the New Generation of Fashion Industry:

BJ says: "Wag mag mamadali"

Owen says: Reflect on yourself first and Know what is your Brand

Francis says: Research Research, Study and Find your Identity

With good years of acquired learnings and mastered skills in Make Up Artistry for being MAC cosmetics Senior Mak Up Artist, Owen Sarmiento opted to leave that corporate position for being freelance and now a well known and sought after Make up artist for celebrities and famous personalities. This self taught Make up Master shared that his interest for faces and colors atarted early in his life. At a very young age, he already plays with his Mom's make ups and cosmetic products and have his sister as his Muse since then (even up to this moment). Learning from the struggles and trials he had in his field of work, Owen emphasized his advice for the New Bloods of Fashion to reflect first if you are ready to face the reality and tough challenges of the Industry. Owen said when he decided to leave MAC and go freelance he was sure to himself that he is very much ready and fully equiped with his developed skills and talent to break into the big world of Fashion.

I couldn't agree more with this statement from Francis Libiran, I strongly believe that we learn more from failures and rejections only makes us stronger to strive more to be the best in everything we put our hearts at.

"Every creative should have a VISION", BJ says. In addition, he also emphasized that TALENT and GOOD WORK ETHIC is important in making it big in the Fashion Industry. 

DREAM JOB? It's doing something you truly love... what you are passionate about. 


Preview Magazine's Fashion Geniuses: Daryl Chang (Fashion Director) & Vince Uy (Creative Director)

Daryl gave us a glimpse of a life of Fashion Director as Vince (via a recorded video clips) on the other hand, took us to the creative and a tinge of technical process of creating Preview Mag's Fashion Editorials. It's not new to hear from people inside the fashion industry that their job is not all about glamours and fab parties but the the industry also demands hard work, deadlines and not so glamorous days in producing outputs. 

From PLANNING to SOURCING to PULL OUT up to the actual day of the SHOOT the Preview team keenly put up and pays attention to details in creating close to perfection fierce editorial every month. 

Working with the right mix of talented people in their team is one of Preview Mag's formula behind their successful covers and fashion editorials. One of their favorite and go to photographer for High Fashion stories is no other than BJ Pascual.

Daryl with Preview Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan answered questions from the group.

REALITY BITE: Fashion is still Business!! and that's what the Third agenda of Style Talks is all about: BUILDING A BRAND. 

2 of the most successful Business people in the Phil. Fashion Industry are the panel of speakers for the last talk. Super Model and Happy Skin Cosmetic's co founder Rissa Mananquil and H&F Retail Concepts Inc. Managing Director, Jappy Gonzales.
Both speakers agreed that in Building a brand, it's all about 2 R's: Risks and Relationship.

Every Business venture is a gamble, its a game that requires some amount of sacrifice and all you have to do is to believe in the product/service you are selling. There will be some struggles at first for it is a big Risk to take but focusing on your goal and holding on your vision will get your business to success. Importance of RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNER that's what the 2 speakers meant to emphasize when they talk about good relationship and connections to the people in different fields of the bussiness world would be a big help too.

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