Old and Bold

The clock strikes 12:00 m.n. and I'm another year older, another awesome year have passed filled with both good, bad and amazing life changing milestones and memories. But this birthday feels a little different, It feels like I'm flipping a big chapter of my life as I officially enters my mid 20's. Yes, I've just turned Silver Baby! Woot Woot! Though, I'm feeling an overwhelming mixture of excitement, sadness, fear and happiness and just before you think I'm starting to go cray cray hahaha!, I don't think that's the case, I think this is more what they call the Quarter Life Crisis. That feeling that your'e on a crossroad of your life where you already accomplished some stuffs, went to some places, met some people and even made some mistakes and yet on that crossroad you feel lost. Lost to what path you truly want to take, craving for more knowledge, ecstatic to pursue your life long dreams and itching to start crossing out your bucket list. As I pass through this crisis, I have to be Brave, brave enough to to make the biggest decisions I am about to make. So, as I turn 25 today, I promise myself to be BOLD.. brave, confident and focused.

Nevertheless, I am beyond grateful to the 25 awesome years of my existence filled with Blessings and Love from my family, friends and love ones. I am also thankful for all the life lessons I've learned and big and small achievements I had. To that, I am excited to more years to come.Cheers to a Bolder 25!!

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