DIY: Friendship Bracelet Watch

Cheers to this Freakin Weekend!
Though, It's been raining cats and dogs the whole day, I'm making the most out of this long weekend by posting my very first D.I.Y post. Woot! Woot! I am kinda excited to explore this division of my blog as I share quick fix and new ways how to build stuffs in a more affordable and creative way Dionne Torres style.  As I test the water in this type of post, bare with me if I went for a simple 1st D.I.Y project.

Ever had a watch with a broken strap and its still in good condition, and you don't feel like throwing it yet?? Well, this one is for you. Here's what I did with my watch with a broken strap. 

All you need is bracelet that you don't usually use and use it as a replacement for the broken strap. You can use any bracelet you feel like or you can go creative by using not only one piece but more.
 I know this is not D.I.Y-ish much but I hope I gave you an idea to fix your watch that you still want to use.

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