My Manity Kit Essentials

Gone were the days when men only needs a comb and styling gels as their grooming essentials and women are the only ones allowed to use cosmetic products. In this age of time, living in this modern years of exposing ourselves in different platforms of social media, we are more expectant to look pleasant to the eyes, put together and polished. Therefore, we men now needs more than what we used to have to keep us sleek and well groomed.

So in this post, I am sharing to you what's my 3 Manity kit essentials I use specially in prepping before going out with my friends or in attending events and special occasions. Just to make it clear, Manity Kit is NOT your daily toiletry bag (kit) but it's more like a make up kit for men. 

REVLON Nearly Naked Foundation

First, and foremost a Foundation, yes guys, admit or not we need them but I highly recommend you this specific foundation. It is my personal favorite because its Lightweight, which means it doesn't feel and look like you are even wearing a foundation but actually you are wearing one. Plus it gives an "I woke up like this Flawless-ness" kind of finish, we wanna trick people that its all natural so we don't want it to make it obvious we are wearing a foundation, right?

KINEPIN Make Up Sponge

How would you apply a foundation? How about this kind of make up sponges. I don't recommend us guys buying make up foams and brushes because we won't be using them as often as much as girls do, so it's no need for us to invest in one. This pack of triangular make up sponges is practical and convenient, after using one sponge you can just throw it out and keep the rest, it's cheap anyway.

MISSHA The Style Perfect Concealer

To conceal or to Hide, that is what Concealers for, my bros. To hide imperfections like eye bags, pigmentation, pimple marks and others things we don't want to see in our faces. Just be careful not to apply too much of it, only dub a very little amount of it, that's also why this Missha perfect concealer I bought last year in our trip in South Korea still looks intact. Concealers, it is very much essential for me because I got serious pair of eye bags and my eyes doesn't look pretty in photos if I'm not wearing one.

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  1. This is great! Women are not the only ones who should don makeup. The no makeup look for men is also a staple that should be learned by any guy. :)