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Hey! Hey! Hey!!!!! Guess who's back blogging!? After a few months (again) of not being active I'm back creating posts here in my blog. It took me some time to get inspired and find something awesome to share to you guys but now, I will do my very best to continue giving you awesome new reads and updates. Anyways, here's something for Sneaker heads and Shoe Lovers out there who loves Shopping (most specially online), I discovered something amazing and I'm telling you all the deets here. 

They say, "There are 2 Things you can never have enough of: Good Friends & Good Shoes". Well, I couldn't agree more to that and I believe most of the population would say Amen to that, hahahaha!!!. I guess, us human will always find a reason to shop and hunt for good finds and stuffs. And for some, or most of us (including me),we have this insatiable craving for shoes no matter how many we already have in our closet. Well, good thing in this modern age, its a good time to be alive because shopping now got so much easier through Online Shopping. All of our favorite brands are just a click away, and its so much convenient to go through different styles and options nowadays. But with these perks and easiness of shopping it only made us wanting and wishing for incredible finds and in this case, more shoes to step in. Well, i'm no exception to that so, let me share to you what is in my Shoe Wishlist that I recently found in the web. 

1. Puma X McQ by Alexander McQueen Fass Sneaker from http://www.shopback.ph/urbanoutfitters

On top of my list, this Puma's McQueen collaboration piece. This one doesn't need more introduction or enough reason to love it. Without any exaggeration, It doesn't only makes my heart beats fast but it speaks to me. It is a marriage of style and functionality with modern taste and a dash of luxury.

2. Puma X McQ by McQueen Brace Lo Sneaker from http://www.shopback.ph/urbanoutfitters

I wont consider this one as a runner up, for it is equally awesome as the first Puma X McQueen colab I mentioned above. Yellow may not be a top choice for some but for most of us who wants to stand out in a crowd, this one is one special piece. 

3. Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit Sneaker in Pink from http://www.shopback.ph/ubanoutfitters

"Real Men wears Pink", they say. It is brave choice for some men to sport a pink sneakers and for some it is just making a statement or simply just wearing what they feel like. It maybe a bold choice but being different could also be a good choice.

4. Dr. Martens 2679 Chelsea Boot from http://www.shopback.ph/ubanoutfitters

"Always invest in Timeless Pieces", well, you can never go wrong in timeless pieces like this, it stands through time and it something that you would always use without sacrificing style.

5. Nike Air Huarache Trainers in White from http://www.shopback.ph/asos

In a sea of white Stan Smiths and Superstars, Huaraches are an awesome fit to anyone if your'e the type who don't like to just blend in but always want to stand out. It is sporty yet proper.

6. Reebok Instapump Fury Trainers in Black from http://www.shopback.ph/asos

Last on this list but definitely not the least, a unique piece from Reebok would be a step up in any shoe collection. It is amazingly unique and irresistibly beautiful.


TAHDAHHH! Shopback.ph 

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