Disclaimer: This is would have to be one of the few moments that I would write up something that would involve my day job (being a School Nurse). This doesn't mean that I I'm not proud of my profession but only because I am trying to keep a balance between the 2 important parts in my life; my profession and my passion.  I always feel like I'm living a life of 2 different worlds; one with my profession and the other is what I'm passionate about which is Fashion. This may get very confusing but the look I did for this post was very much inspired by my work being a School Nurse, being the big brother to the kids I take care and the "Paps" or a dad for some kids that's very dear to me.

P.S : Apologies for the sweaty ootd, I opted to post the unfiltered photos rather than applying filters and other touch ups. Plus wearing a gray shirt under the scorching Manila heat is always a struggle. :)

PATCHING THINGS UP: Patch! Patch! Patch! Patches are all over the world of Fashion nowadays from denim jacket, bomber jackets, jeans and other clothing item you could think of and you could stitch a patch on. It is one hot trend that is both fun and playful anyone can try on. 

What I love about Patches is you can spice up a simple outfit by just stitching a patch on just like the simple gray shirt I'm wearing here. It's like putting a story or showing up your mood in playful manner with colorful patches. This shirt I did shows of how fun I am having being a School Nurse as my job and actually being a young Dad or a "PAPS" (thats what some kids call me ) to the kids I treat like my own sons and daughters. Being a School Nurse becomes extra rewarding when I get to motivate the kids to do well in their classes and when I assure that they are having the best time of their grade school life.  

My kiddos are my adorable unicorns and my cool Sombrero wearing Mexican chilly peppers. They are my silly looking bacon and eggs.  My Donuts, My lightning.... My little heartbreaks... 

And I will always be they're proud PAPS, always got their back and looking after them.


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