V Day

Its a couple of hours pass midnight and I don't have much idea what I really want to write about in this post. You can say that I am not the biggest fan of Valentines Day, not because I'm bitter about it and all the cheesy stuffs that comes with it, but I think its a little overrated. I am writing this 2 days til V Day and all of our Social media accounts now are already flooded by either muchy or bitter posts, well, that's a little too much right!? Anyways, this is supposed to be my "Comeback" post; instead of explaining the hiatus that happened I'd rather press restart and start the year fresh with new post and leave the past behind us. 

On a brighter side, contrary to my bitter love struck statement shirt, I am celebrating V day this year with a happy heart. This maybe one of my rookie-ish OOTD post but actually, that's exactly what I want to be. This day is a celebration of Love not only romantically with another person but in all forms of it. I am very much inspired by different emotions I feel this couple of months towards the people I work with...which in my case, are the kids that goes to school where I work as a School Nurse. I want this also to be a reflection to the reckless kid that I was and the kid that still lives inside me. There's no deep reasons behind this shirt-shorts-sneakers combo but I also want this page to be a platform where I can share to my readers a piece of my personal and sometimes a dash of my professional life.

Being everybody's Paps, this past few months and weeks I have been experiencing emotions and feelings I'm unaware of why I'm having. I made myself vulnerable to feel both sadness and joy showering attention and love to kids I call my sons and daughters. We may not be bonded by blood but the care I gave them are genuine and true. So why am I sharing all this here?! Well, maybe because, I want to have something to look back years after this post have been published. I just want this celebration of Love to be about the love that fills my heart, the father Love that I keep giving, the short victories and little heartaches I shared. Soon, my anaks (offsprings) will be graduating; they will see the world on a bigger perspective, meet more interesting people, go to amazing places and experience new feelings. More than the Sepanx (separation anxiety) , I am more excited for them with a small wish that In their memories I wont be forgotten, that ones in their life I was part of it. I did not intend this to be a lengthy post but I ended up putting out my hearts out. Anyways, I hope everyone will have an amazing day today! Happy Valentines Day

SHIRT: Artwork
SNEAKERS: Adidas Pharell Williams Artwork x Superstar

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