Hey Hey Hey! Here's something I would like to call an extra feature from my El Nido post. I find a couple of these photos too awesome not to share cos like 2 of these pics were captured in perfect timing. 

Yow! Whats good? this blog post have been long overdue. I have been drafting and curating this for a couple of months already and I just can't seem to collect my thoughts on what I would really like to share. Well, the word LOST isn't seem enough to describe how I am feeling right now. Being so lost for awhile now have been very exhausting mentally, emotionally and physically. I always feel this insatiable need to escape from routines of my life at work, life at home and yeah pretty much in my everyday life. I have been wanting to escape from it ever since summer and though I have been to places, I don't know why I just can't seem to find my way back on track. I am trying my best to write this as inspiring as it can be. Maybe there is such thing as 2nd wave of quarter life crisis and it is where I'm so stuck right now. I myself got surprised that as I go through this phase I lost the most important person in my life and that is ME. Corny as it my sound, but one day as I was prepping I look at myself in front of the mirror and was shock to see through the man I am seeing in front of me, I almost didn't recognized him. He has been so busy giving love, time and effort to others that he forgot to give some for his self. He can be ambitious, a dreamer maybe, a go-getter but in his eyes he was lost. Gasping some air to breathe and craving for some attention. It's so ironic that I am lost and been wanting to escape at the same time. Now, as I write this here, I am somehow taking small steps in getting out of this uncertainty. I'm taking small steps after every small stops but Hey, I am still moving forward anyway. My plans ain't sure yet but I would love to get to know myself more, to discover new things and revisit some old goals and dreams. This time, I am doing this slowly but surely.